⁉️What is the meaning of dropshipping

You don’t need to have products in your electronic store to sell them and earn money from this process,this is the meaning of dropshipping.
Dropshipping is a middleman for profits from commission sales, made by linking products to customers without having to commit the store owner to providing storage areas for the products, or shipping companies to deliver the products, and securing payment methods for the customers. All you have to do is show products on your electronic store and profit from selling them.
⁉️now How do we get the product✅

The way in which products are acquired and 👉
displayed at your electronic store

via factories, manufacturers, wholesalers and supply companies you will be able to purchase the products at wholesale price through them. Before you display them at your electronic store, you will add a profit to yourself before the sale, and this is what we call commission sales,that will make you earn money without any effort.

How the dropshipping process done👉

when the customer chooses the product from your store, demand turns to the supplier in charge of the product and the supplier starts shipping and delivery procedures, without any interference from you. And you make a profit by selling product only on commission, and these are the famous sites that use dropshipping service ali express, knawat, pandahall.

The starting steps of the dropshipping 👉

Look for sites and suppliers to dropshipping service and identify sections and products you’d like to start with.
setting up your professional online store with a professional design company like smart vision and add the product on it
think of a strong marketing plan and start selling for your first profits
keep track of the results, increase the number of successful products, and add more offers.
And finally, we understand what dropshipping or commission sales means and how it done and what we need to start.
Wait the next article ,we will talk about the advantage and disadvantage of dropshipping and how can we make more profits from it.

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